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“Green Jobs are for Everyone” Workshop Series and Career Connections Fair

We held the “Green Jobs are for Everyone” Workshop Series and Career Connections Fair for over 500 attendees in March 2021! The forest, conservation, and parks sectors are exciting and growing fields. Plus, as one third of the forest workforce is set to retire by 2030, many new opportunities will soon be opening up. During our “Green Jobs are for Everyone” Workshop Series and Career Connections Fair, we brainstormed how to build a diverse and resilient Green Jobs workforce of the…


Make a Great Impression: Green Job Interview Tips

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, which means that you have a small window of opportunity to showcase how awesome you are in an interview. Ace future job interviews with these tips: know what you can expect in different interview styles, have a strategy for answering questions, and remember tips and tricks to make you stand out. This webinar includes a CEO who shares strategies for answering technical and behavioral interview questions specific to the green…


Make Meaningful Connections: Networking Strategies for Green Sector Professionals

Networking is not just about exchanging business cards and adding random people on LinkedIn. It is a skill that—if used correctly—could be the start of a fantastic professional support system that can help you grow in the forest and conservation sector. Learn about networking strategies and how to get started on creating meaningful relationships in a 21st-century world. In this webinar, you will learn: Accessing the hidden job market Designing and carrying out a successful informational interview Applying strategies to…


Create an Inclusive Culture for Your Green Workplace

Strong recruitment and hiring processes are not enough if we don’t retain our new workers. But what really engages them and motivates them to stay? How can you create an inclusive culture? This webinar explores how to create a culture of inclusion based on essential psychological needs, and how to create a welcoming environment for young workers of all backgrounds. We answer the following questions: What really motivates diverse workers to stay? What small changes to our workplaces, behaviours, and jobs can…


Set Yourself Up for Success: How to Maximize Your Green Job Search

Spending hours looking for a green job with no success? Job searching takes time and effort, but if you are not getting any results it could leave you discouraged enough to quit. Avoid these mistakes by being more efficient in your job search. Learn how and what the labour trends are in the green sector and create a strategy to maximize your job search. Lastly, use social media to leverage new opportunities. In this webinar you will learn: Labour market…