Indigenous Rights and Relationship Building in the Forest Sector Courses

Grow your understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and learn how to build respectful forest-focused relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada), an initiative of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), developed these Indigenous Rights and Relationship Building Courses with Sault College.

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PLT and SFI are committed to providing the forest sector with training, guidance, resources, and supports that will promote respectful relationship building and greater understanding, recognition, and respect for Indigenous Peoples’ rights, traditional knowledge, representative institutions, and distinctive relationships with the forest.


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Learning outcomes

These courses cover many topics relevant to students, forest sector employees, educators, and more. Some learning outcomes include the following:

  • Learn about and recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Aboriginal, treaty and title rights
  • Understand how to use and integrate traditional forest-related knowledge into forest planning, projects, and operations
  • Develop customized communications approaches that foster respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities
  • Co-develop forest-focused projects and initiatives alongside local Indigenous partners
  • Learn how to create and promote meaningful workforce development opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and communities within the forest sector
  • Develop an Indigenous Relations policy and training program tailored to your organization’s unique objectives, structure and operating locations



Course bundles

Our bundles combine courses listed above into different themes and offer them at a lower cost.