I want a mentor

Are you looking to expand your forest and conservation knowledge, goals and network? Ever think, I want a mentor? Well, youth ages 18-30 can become a Green Mentee with PLT Canada.

  •  The mentorship relationship felt more organic and allowed for a more human connection than typical professional interactions you have when you’re networking or reaching out to someone in the industry. 

    Vicky Papuga (Mentee)
  •  Being matched with someone also in my field gave me the opportunity to still be a part of and discuss the industry in depth, which really made a world of difference as I navigated my future goals and aspirations… I’m quite confident I have built a relationship that I can continue far into my career. 

    Alexandra Lalande (Mentee)
  •  This program has allowed me to open my connections and speak with someone who will benefit my career, social life, and overall future. I am very lucky to be able to say that I have a mentor and that we met through a program designed to create amazing connections. 

    Catherine Langille (Mentee)

Through PLT Canada’s Green Mentor program, mentees drive the relationship and actively pursue conversations with their mentors. As a result, mentees build their confidence, network, employable skills and more. They also have the chance to develop clear goals and reflect on their progress throughout each six-month mentorship match.

To be a mentee, you must want help to navigate your forest and conservation career path, and you must have specific skills or habits that you want to improve.

Green Mentees will need to:

  • Be available to meet your mentor 2-3 hours per month (in person or virtually).
  • Set goals and topics for each mentorship meeting (with help from PLT Canada’s resources).
  • Participate in skill development and self-reflection.
  • Engage in a learning process to develop your career pathway—this might include webinars and training modules.
  • Complete the Green Pathway Plan by the end of the six-month mentorship (with guidance from your mentor and PLT Canada).
  • Collaborate with PLT Canada to ensure that you and your mentor are satisfied with the program.

Green Mentee application form:

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