I want a mentor

In PLT Canada’s Green Mentor Program, mentees drive the relationship with their mentors and actively pursue conversations with them. Mentees must also develop clear goals and reflect on their progress throughout each six-month mentorship match.

To apply as a mentee, you must:

  • Be available to meet your mentor 2-3 hours per month (in person or virtually).
  • Be between 18-30 years old.
  • Want support in building your career pathway in forestry and conservation.
  • Have specific skills or habits you want to improve.

If we accept you as a mentee, you will need to:

  • Set goals and topics for each mentorship meeting (with support from PLT Canada training materials).
  • Participate in skill development and self reflection.
  • Engage in a learning process that will help you develop your career pathway. This process might include webinars and training modules in addition to interacting with your mentor.
  • Complete the Green Pathway Plan by the end of the six-month mentorship term. You will be guided by PLT Canada and your mentor in how to do this.
  • Work collaboratively with PLT Canada to ensure that you and your mentor are satisfied with the program.

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