Our Team

Headshot of Kathy Abusow

Kathy Abusow
President and CEO

Kathy Abusow is President and CEO of PLT Canada.

Jessica Kaknevicius - 647-797-1117
Vice President, Education

Jess is responsible for implementing our strategic direction and activities. She works to build partnerships and to expand and strengthen our network.

Headshot of david folkerson

David Folkerson - 613-565-0627
Sr. Director, Communications

David is responsible for our communications and outreach, helping to bring our services, green careers, and educational resources to life.

Paul Robitaille

Paul Robitaille - 613-288-5856
Sr. Director, Indigenous and Youth Relations

Paul is responsible for engaging youth and leads the integration of Indigenous perspectives into our programming and content.

Mila headshot

Mila Snejinscaia - 613-703-5570
Business Director

Mila leads our financial operations, is responsible for reporting and compliance, and supports fundraising efforts.

Danika headshot

Danika Strecko - 613-505-5872, ext. 480
Senior Manager, Education

Danika helps lead the overall development of our educational materials and programs.

Headshot of Zac Wagman

Zachary Wagman - 613-745-3706
Sr. Manager, Green Jobs

Zac is responsible for growing our Green Jobs funding program, as well as delivering employer education to our network of professionals in the forest and conservation sectors.

head shot of Mirna Abdo

Mirna Abdo - 613-742-3786
Manager, Communications

Mirna collaborates with the communications team and consultants to create compelling stories for a wide variety of channels. She helps plan, manage and review PLT Canada marketing and communications projects and collateral.

Headshot of Maria Chiarella

Maria Chiarella - 343-803-0591 ext. 308
Sr. Coordinator, Youth Network and Mentorship

Maria conducts outreach to help build and strengthen our youth network and mentorship program. 

Mira headshot

Mira Williamson - 613-704-7248
Sr. Coordinator, Communications

Mira is involved in all aspects of our communications and engagement efforts. One of her primary activities is to help engage Indigenous youth and youth who are new Canadians. Mira conducts research and interviews and produces a wide range of content, including editorials, news articles, and media releases.

Headshot of Shuya Huang

Shuya Huang - 613-701-2174
Internship Coordinator

Shuya supports PLT Canada’s Green Jobs internship program by engaging, deepening, and supporting green career pathways for diverse Canadian youth and forming strong partnerships with forest and conservation sector employers.

Madhuri Jani - 613-742-3782 ext. 467
Green Jobs Coordinator

Madhuri supports our Green Jobs initiative with outreach to employers and youth. She works directly with provincial, territorial, and international network partners to ensure successful program operations across Canada.

Brittany Lodge

Brittany Lodge - 613-704-0047 ext. 471
Youth Programs Coordinator

Brittany supports the entire PLT Canada team in enhancing the number, relevancy, and accessibility of opportunities for a wide range of youth in the forest and conservation sectors. 

Young man holding a video camera in the forest

Alex Leonard - 343-803-0540 ext. 351
Communications Coordinator

Alex supports communications, specializing in creating engaging videos for social media, and playing a key role in our marketing and advertising campaigns.

Headshot of Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh

Shwetha Kengasur Venkatesh - 613-702-9378
Green Jobs Coordinator

Shwetha supports our Green Jobs program with employer and youth outreach and administrative support, and she also develops communication materials and reports. 

Tresor Ishimwe - 613 703-3347 x 476
Communications Intern

Tresor supports the creation, development and promotion of media content and engagement of key audiences.