The Green Ride for Green Jobs

In summer 2019, PLT Canada embarked on an epic cross-Canada journey led by Green Jobs Manager Zac Wagman. From May to September, Zac pedaled over 9,215 km, from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland, on a wooden bicycle made by Picolo Velo, an SFI-certified company based in Montreal. Along the way, he met over 230 Green Jobs youth, and shared over 50 of their stories online to elevate them and raise awareness of the types of jobs that are available in the forest and conservation sectors. Zac’s older brother Nick accompanied him on the ride, providing mental and emotional support throughout the journey. The pair rode together through hailstorms, snow, forest fire smoke, and even Hurricane Dorian. The journey was made possible thanks to our generous sponsors and our strong employer networks across the Canadian Parks Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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Zac Wagman, Green Jobs Manager (right), biked across the country with his brother Nick (left) to raise awareness of the types of jobs in the forest and conservation sectors. They crossed the finish line at the Terry Fox Mile 0 memorial in St. John’s, Newfoundland on September 23, 2019.

Facts and stats

PLT Canada’s cross-Canada journey included:

  • 110 days on the road, over 9,215 km and 445 hours of pedaling;
  • 230 interactions with youth, and 52 online youth spotlights;
  • visits with 52 Green Jobs employers
  • Meetings with 7 members of Parliament, 4 cabinet ministers, 2 mayors, 1 deputy mayor, and 1 city councilor; and
  • Multiple animal encounters: black bears, a grizzly bear, deer, elk, foxes, and lots of farm dogs!

The engagement campaign also resulted in:

  • Over 31,500 shares, likes, comments, and clicks on our social media posts;
  • 12.5x increase in social media followers (from 485 to 6,044);
  • 19 TV and radio appearances and 26 newspaper articles; and
  • A stronger youth network across Canada!


The Green Ride for Green Jobs was an ambitious engagement campaign that helped to grow and strengthen the PLT Canada network across the country, and which was successful in large part thanks to the support of our generous sponsors:

Funded by the government of CanadaFinancé par le gouvernement du Canada