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Set Yourself Up for Success: How to Maximize Your Green Job Search

Spending hours looking for a green job with no success? Job searching takes time and effort, but if you are not getting any results it could leave you discouraged enough to quit. Avoid these mistakes by being more efficient in your job search. Learn how and what the labour trends are in the green sector and create a strategy to maximize your job search. Lastly, use social media to leverage new opportunities. In this webinar you will learn: Labour market…


Make Better Hiring Decisions When Staffing Your Green Job

Making the wrong hiring decision is expensive. Avoid paying for lower productivity, more turnover, and multiple hiring cycles by making better hiring decisions. This webinar explores how to design a hiring process that makes it easier to choose objectively, removes biases in resume screening, and strengthens the interview process, while supporting the company’s hiring commitments to local communities. We answer the following questions: What works to interrupt bias and make fair hiring decisions? What small changes can we make to…


Write Your Way to the Top: Tips on How to Write an Interview-Worthy Cover Letter and Resume for a Green Job

Is your resume falling flat? Are you looking for ways to showcase your skills and get noticed? Did you know that 75% of resumes do not even make it past resume-reading robots? If you have funky fonts, graphics, and tables, it might be time for an overhaul. Join this webinar for tips on combating robots and creating a solid resume and cover letter worthy for human eyes! In this webinar, you will learn: Tips on tailoring your cover letter and…


New Ways to Attract Diverse Green Job Candidates

Attracting qualified youth, women, new Canadians, and Indigenous People is a priority for the forest and conservation sector. Yet, some employers might have unconscious biases getting in the way and some potential applicants might have certain barriers holding them back. So, what are some ways to attract diverse candidates? This webinar explores how to design a recruitment strategy that reaches the right candidates, removes barriers to belonging, and motivates a diverse talent pool to apply. We answer the following questions:…


The Promise of Behavioural Design: Diversity and Inclusion in Green Jobs

Many progressive organizations are successfully driving inclusive growth. Some others, however, are falling short—despite their best intentions. An innovative, evidence-based approach like behavioural science and design will help to better attract, hire, and retain a wide diversity of youth and make the forest and conservation sector an attractive place to work for this and future generations. Rewatch the webinar above as we explore how behavioural science and design thinking can help us achieve greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.…