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Do you want to inspire the future generation of forest and conservation leaders? Apply below to become a Green Mentor.

  •  I was really surprised at how well the matching software worked… It was very interesting to see how much we shared in common—not just academically, but personality-wise. 

    Andrew de Vries (Mentor), Tolko Industries Ltd.
  •  My mentorship match from PLT Canada was a great fit and we quickly bonded, sharing perspectives on a wide variety of topics such as LinkedIn networking, progressing through your career, situational leadership & awareness and even how to dress for different professional events. I’m grateful to the program for connecting me with such a bright and ambitious young woman. 

    Christine Leduc (Mentor), EACOM
  •  My mentee is a passionate woman who became a source of motivation for myself during our calls and beyond… She reminds me of some of my past experiences that were decisive in becoming who I am nowadays, and has helped shed light on some of my own reflections. 

    Étienne Vézina (Mentor), Resolute FP
  •  My experience as a PLT Canada mentor has been very fulfilling… It has been nice to feel that my knowledge and past experiences can help to contribute to the growth and development of my mentee. We have had a lot of great conversations around personal and professional aspirations, from which I feel I have equally benefited.  

    Elyse Guzek (Mentor), BC Parks

Requirements for Green Mentors

Mentors in PLT Canada’s Green Mentor Program are committed to helping youth (ages 18–30) enhance their potential and identify new career paths in the forest and conservation sectors. Mentors make a six-month commitment and ensure they can meet their mentee 2–3 hours per month (in person or virtually).

Mentorship program timeline

To apply as a mentor, you will:

  • Have over three years of professional experience in the forest and conservation sector.
  • Meet your mentee(s) wherever they are in their career path by listening and providing constructive feedback.
  • Be open to new ideas and value diverse perspectives.

When you are accepted as a mentor, you will need to:

  • Act as a caring and positive role model as your mentee develops their career pathways and experience the workplace.
  • Participate in goal development and reflection practices with your mentee to ensure they have the capacity to direct the mentorship relationship.
  • Demonstrate leadership and strong communication skills.
  • Provide opportunities to discuss and model soft skills, such as work-life balance, critical thinking, communications, problem solving, and personal wellness.
  • Work collaboratively with PLT Canada to ensure that you and your mentee are satisfied with the program.
  • Learn mentorship best practices. This may include online webinars and training modules, in addition to your own initiatives.

Applying means you understand and commit to the requirements and expectations listed above.

Green Mentor application form

We are not actively recruiting mentors at this time, but we will be in contact with you about your application during our next recruitment period.

All fields are required
A person who has moved from their country of origin and has been in Canada for less than 5 years.
Described by the Government of Canada, through the Employment Equity Act, as "persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour."
A community with a population of less than 25,000 people.
This includes those who self-identify as having mental health-, learning-, hearing-, developmental-, intellectual-, visual-, motor skill-, speaking-, intellectual-, visual-, or speech-related disability, which may be temporary or permanent in nature.
In addition to the requirements above, this program requires a commitment to pre-mentorship training (two hours over two weeks), a minimum of one monthly meetup with your mentee, and participation in two check-ins over the six-month period.