Mentorship for youth in the forest and conservation sector

“Mentorships acts as guidance to navigate the many opportunities and choices that often are challenging to make without support.” – Hamish Black, Outland Youth Employment Program Coordinator, Calgary, Alberta

Our mentorship program connects youth (ages 18-30) directly to forest and conservation sector professionals.  

It is powered by an industry-leading platform whose algorithm matches people based on personalities, learning styles, goals, locations, interests, and existing skills. In this way, our platform helps build successful, productive and trusting relationships.

Together, our mentors and mentees work on goals that challenge them and help them to grow based on shared and ever-changing perspectives. We nurture their relationships further by providing communication tips, networking advice, and problem-solving tools.

I want a mentor

I want to be a mentor

Mentee-driven, mentor-guided concept

We believe good mentorship programs are mentee-driven and mentor-guided. Based on feedback from our extensive network of youth and industry professionals, our matches last six months. This allows for flexibility and for multiple mentorship opportunities each year.

A mentor can help you:

  1. Build confidence
    Increase your confidence by learning new things and discovering abilities you didn’t know you had.
  2. Network
    Meet a variety of green job professionals who can help you overcome employment barriers in forestry and conservation.
  3. Develop green career pathways
    Gain insight on future job requirements. Participate in short- and long-term goal setting exercises.
  4. Increase your employability
    Learn new technical skills and soft skills (ex. time management, communication, problem solving, goal setting, etc.)
  5. Have a say
    Use your innovation and expertise to help keep the sector energized and moving in a direction you see yourself working in.

Being a mentor can help:

  1. Foster growth of your sector
    Help promote benefits of forestry and conservation sector to attract innovative and skilled youth.
  2. Share knowledge
    Nurture a young person’s growth through your knowledge, skills, and experience.
  3. Enhance your own career growth
    Practice leadership, communication and coaching skills that you can apply beyond the program.
  4. Recruit employees
    Access an important pool of potential candidates looking to enter the workforce, at no cost.
  5. Gain new perspectives
    Stay fresh and excited about your sector by seeing it through a young person’s eyes.  

For more information on our mentorship program for youth (ages 15-30) interested in forestry and conservation, contact us at

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