Mentorship for youth in the forest and conservation sector

Project Learning Tree Canada’s mentorship program connects youth (ages 18-30) with Green Jobs professionals. #MyGreenMentor helps create a highly valuable relationship, where the mentee expands their forest and conservation knowledge, goals and network and the mentor fosters the next generation of leaders, shares advice and gains a new perspective.

Mentorship is a supportive relationship between an experienced professional (the mentor) and someone newer to the field (the mentee). The mentor shares advice and their experiences so that the mentee can learn more about the workforce. But the mentor also learns from the mentee, as they have a fresh perspective of the field.

Our Green Jobs mentorship program is powered by an industry-leading platform and algorithm that matches people based on their personalities, goals, interests and more. This helps ensure that our mentor-mentee pairs build successful, productive and trusting relationships.

Together, pairs work on goals to challenge and help each other grow. And PLT Canada helps nurture the mentorship relationships with communication tips, networking advice and problem-solving tools.

Do you want to expand your Green Jobs knowledge, goals and network?

Become a mentee

Do you want to inspire the next generation of forest and conservation leaders and gain a new perspective?

Become a mentor

Mentee-driven, mentor-guided concept

We believe good mentorship programs are mentee-driven and mentor-guided. After receiving feedback from our network of youth and industry professionals, we decided to create six-month matches. This short time commitment allows for flexibility and multiple mentorship opportunities a year.

Why should you be a Green Jobs mentee?

PLT Canada mentees get the chance to build meaningful connections with professionals in forestry and conservation and learn more about Green Job opportunities.

  1. Build confidence
    Learn new things and discover abilities you didn’t know you had.
  2. Network
    Meet forest and conservation professionals who can help you overcome employment barriers.
  3. Develop green career pathways
    Participate in short- and long-term goal setting exercises and gain insight on future job requirements.
  4. Increase your employability
    Learn new technical skills and soft skills like time management, communication, problem solving and more.
  5. Have a say
    Help keep the sector energized and moving in a positive direction with your new perspectives.

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Why should you be a Green Jobs mentor?

Our mentors say that they have gained just as much as their mentee from their relationships. By committing 2-3 hours a month, you can make a difference in a young person’s career and help your sector.

  1. Foster your sector’s growth
    Promote the benefits of forestry and conservation and attract innovative and skilled youth to your field.
  2. Share knowledge
    Nurture a young person’s career development by sharing your wisdom, skills and experiences.
  3. Enhance your career growth
    Practice leadership, communication and coaching skills that you can apply at work as well.
  4. Recruit employees
    Gain free access to an impressive pool of eager candidates looking to enter the Green Jobs sector.
  5. Gain new perspectives
    See your sector in new and exciting ways through a young person’s fresh outlook.

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