Funding for Employers

We offer a 50% wage match to employers hiring youth aged 15-30 into Green Jobs (up to a maximum of $5,712 per youth). A Green Job is one that supports nature-based solutions for a more sustainable planet. Green jobs are typically involved in, but not limited to, jobs in the forest and forest products sectors, natural resource management, conservation, environmental education, sustainable food systems, and/or address climate change & carbon sequestration, species maintenance & recovery, and water quality & quantity. REGISTER NOW

youth from Outland Youth Employment Program pose for a photo together on the back of a truck

First Nations, First Nations businesses, and community-serving non-profits are eligible!


  • Green Jobs are considered positions that support nature-based solutions for a more sustainable planet.
  • The job must be a new job, indicating that the funding is increasing the capacity of your organization to hire more youth.
  • The duration of the work experience must be from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 16 weeks (some exceptions apply).
  • Work experience must take place in Canada.


To search job candidates and become eligible for our 50% wage matching, you must first register as a Green Jobs employer. Once you have registered and have added the positions you are hoping to fill to our system, we will review the proposed positions and indicate if you are approved for funding. This may take up to 72 hours for review.

For more information, view our guidance package.

What employers are saying

  •  I hope that the program is around next summer! I will take full advantage if it is. 

    Ted Cheskey, Nature Canada
  •  Thank you so much for approving our grant requests. The funds will make a huge difference in helping our organization continue to deliver exceptional environmental education to youth. 

    Lindsay Bell-Etkin, Evans Lake Forest Education Society
  •  Easy to administer, and terrific for giving students access to paid internships in their field. I also encouraged a number of our collaborators to apply for funding […] so our students really benefited from this. 

    Sally Krigstin, University of Toronto
  •  We are so happy to have our “green job” employees on board! This funding has been instrumental in allowing us to continue work on our properties this year. 

    Jennifer Bonsall, Mattagami Region Conservation Authority
  •  Thanks so much for the support! It is safe to say we would not be able to deliver OYEP without the support from PLT/SFI – thank you! 

    Sarah Ambroziak, Outland Youth Employment Program

Funded by the government of CanadaFinancé par le gouvernement du Canada