PLT Canada Launches My Green Mentor Program

April 08, 2020

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Young people pursuing green careers are benefitting from the advice and guidance of mentors across Canada, thanks to PLT Canada’s new My Green Mentor Program (#MyGreenMentor).

The six-month program connects youth aged 18-30 to professionals in the forest and conservation sector. It began in March with the creation of 25 mentee-mentor pairs, who were matched by an algorithm, developed by Pollinate Networks, that took into account individual personalities, learning styles, goals, locations, interests, and existing skills.

Mentor-guided, but mentee-driven

Although mentors help guide the mentees by providing insight and experience, it is the mentees that drive the mentorship relationship. They are responsible for their own progress. Mentees set goals for themselves and specify topics for each upcoming mentorship meeting. They engage in self-reflection and seek to improve specific skills and valuable habits.

Mentees also research and map their educational and career paths using PLT Canada’s Green Pathway Plan. The Green Pathway Plan is a self-learning tool that helps individuals figure out their educational and career pathways using a variety of self-assessment  activities. It includes a career development guidebook as well as an online workbook.

cover image for the Green Pathway Plan

PLT Canada’s Green Pathway Plan

“The My Green Mentor Program builds on our green jobs initiative by helping young people as they navigate green career pathways,” said Kathy Abusow, PLT Canada President and CEO. “We’re incredibly grateful to the Government of Canada and our employer partners across the country for their incredible support and commitment to growing the next generation of forest and conservation leaders.”

“This mentorship program is such a great opportunity for young people at the start of their careers,” said Tara Topping, PLT Canada’s Career Education Manager. “They should take this time to dream, to learn and to visualize where their career paths can lead, with their mentors guiding them along the way.”

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