Tree Planter

Date Posted: March 20, 2022
Job Number: 1200985
Employer: East Winds Silviculture
Job Location: Bear Island, New Brunswick
Job Start Date: May 01, 2022
Job End Date: September 01, 2022
Job Type: Full-time
Application deadline: March 31, 2023

Job Description

East Winds Silviculture inc.
A successful tree planter applicant should be physically fit, self motivated and committed. Tree planting is not for the faint of heart, the job is extremely challenging physically and mentally.
Planting is piece work, which is work paid for according to the amount of trees planted. Like most jobs, there is a learning curve. The learning curve coincides with your income. The quicker you learn the job, the faster you move and plant the trees. Ideally, each pay-check will be larger than the last. We pay our tree planters 10-12 cents per tree. For someone who has never planted trees professionally we typically estimated that one should average planting 2500 trees/day by the end of their first season. Depending on your motivation and skill set, one could easily earn well above this.
Our clients are AV Group Nackawic, Acadia Timber, and Chaleur Sawmills (formally Fornebeu). Roughly 4.5 million trees. The tree planting season should start around May 1st and last until late July. This would give a planter roughly 60-65 days of work.There are many factors that influence length of a planting season. Primarily, number of planters hired and secondly - scale of production. As you might imagine, tree planting is best done in spring to early summer when the weather is cooler, bugs and regrowth minimal. We do operate out of Bush camps so you must be able to live in a bush camp for the duration of the contract.
Tree planting is without a doubt the hardest job you will ever do. With that, it is also incredibly rewarding, and not just financially. This job gives you the opportunity to physically challenge your body beyond what you thought you were capable of while knowing you get paid more the harder you challenge yourself. Without a strong mind though most people are unable to succeed. Successful planters tend to have far more mental strength than physical ability.
We are looking for people who are incredibly motivated to earn money and are willing to physically work hard and take the time needed to become a good planter. If this sounds like you, my name is Marc and I would like to meet you. Email or call for more information and we will set-up a time to meet.
Marc-Daniel Rehberg
East Winds Silviculture Inc.

Job Conditions

  • Travelling may be required.
  • Work on weekends may be required.
  • Working in outdoors in various weather conditions may be required.
  • Willing to work in remote locations.


  • Minimum experience : 0-1 years
  • Minimum educational level : Grade 12 or Equivalent
  • Language : English