•  The research I helped with spanned many disciplines within environmental biology and environmental science. I think the high variety of topics I got to learn about – ranging from lake trout to forest tent caterpillars and hydrology – was my favourite part of the internship. 

    Mercy Harris, Research Intern, Kenauk Institute
  •  I worked at a seed orchard – one of the first steps in the reforestation process. I helped out on the site doing irrigation, surveys, and general maintenance, though I also got a chance to be a crew lead during the pick. It was a great learning experience, I learned how to handle people and lead. That was the most stressful and yet simultaneously the most fun part. 

    Tommy Kien, Co-op Laborer with Skimikin Seed Orchards
  •  I learned so much! I learned more about native plants and wildlife than I thought was possible from a summer internship. 

    Ronna Woudstra, Stewardship Technician with Habitat Acquisition Trust
  •  The best part of my job was definitely the days spent out in the field teaching students about things that I am interested in and passionate about. I learned a great deal about education techniques and about all of the background work that goes into the coordinating, marketing and planning of education programming at the Galiano Conservancy. 

    Sydney Welsh, Environmental Educator with Galiano Conservancy Association
  •  The majority of my summer I was involved in fir beetle probing in BC’s interior. I also timber cruised and laid out timber development blocks in some pretty remote locations which I really loved. I really enjoy being that far out in the wilderness, seeing all the amazing views and wildlife. 

    Tom Webb, Forest Technician with Forsite Consultants Ltd.
  •  I was a Student Ranger for B.C. Parks in the Kootenay Region. In a crew of four, I built and maintained trails, educated the public, invasive weed removal, Brushing, patrols and wildland restoration. I worked closely with senior and auxiliary rangers on high priority park projects. The best part was being able to work outdoors and camp all summer. I learned a lot about what it would be like to be a real park ranger and a lot about how to have a balance between conservation and recreation. 

    Megan Howe, Student Ranger Crew Member with BC Parks
  •  I was working for the SEPAQ at Lac-Témiscouata National Park. I practised my speaking English a lot this summer and to be closed to people and the forest at the same time was awesome. Even if it was my second year in the service centre of Grand-Lac-Touladi, I learned a lot about the lake, its secret and its treasures. 

    Kamille Monosiet, Parks Operator with SEPAQ
  •  As a Park Interpreter I provided guests with knowledge about the park as well as provided organized programming for school groups and the public. My favourite part of the job was making people happy by running a really great program that everyone enjoyed. I learned lots about the park over the summer including its history and plans for its future. I now know the park like the back of my hand and I love to share that knowledge with people who may not know. 

    Jessalyn Shwaga, Park Interpreter with Saskatchewan Parks
  •  I was a Student Ranger Crew Lead for B.C. Parks. I built trails, did conservation work, and performed public outreach. What I liked best was making a real, observable, difference to people’s lives, as well as the environment. I learned many valuable skills and competencies that will follow me through my academics, career, and my life. 

    Robert Chamberland, Student Ranger Crew Lead with BC Parks

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  • between 15 – 30 years old;
  • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or someone who has been granted refugee status in Canada; and
  • legally entitled to work according to relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.

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