Indigenous Voices

The Indigenous professionals below have all taken different paths to get where they are. They’ve tried different jobs, studied at various levels, and had diverse experiences before landing in these roles. Some of them currently work for a provincial or territorial park. Many others work in the forestry sector for organizations whose lands are SFI-certified.

The profiles below can also be found in PLT Canada’s A Guide to Green Jobs in Canada: Voices of Indigenous Professionals.

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Marie-Josée Picard – Innu, Pessamit

Marie-Josée believes young people should learn about climate change issues early on so that they can consider a green career path. She works as an Environmental Technician. Nutshimit-Nippour Consulting provides a range of environmental services, including in forest sciences. Its team of forest engineers and technicians plans, manages, and monitors…


Leesee Papatsie – Inuit, Nunavut

Leesee Papatsie works with Inuit communities and Elders to promote protection and awareness of territorial parks. Nunavut Parks is a member of the Canadian Parks Council, which works to promote excellence in parks planning and create meaningful Green Jobs opportunities for young people across the country. Nunavut Parks is a…


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