Green Jobs Video Series

Who works in the forest? Watch these videos to meet some amazing men and women who work in and care for our forests, and find out why their jobs are key to managing them sustainably! Also learn about the communities in which these professionals live and work, how society benefits from the work they do, and the various education and career pathways that led them to their unique green jobs! The series is hosted by Lacey Rose, a registered professional forester (RPF).

By educating and inspiring youth, and by offering professional development supports like valuable Green Job work experiences and a sector-leading mentorship program, PLT Canada is supporting communities coast-to-coast-to-coast and helping to grow a diverse and resilient green jobs workforce.


Chief Forester

title card featuring cutout of Jenny with Green Jobs title in green
Jennifer Tallman is the Chief Forester for EACOM Timber and the first female chief forester in Ontario. Her job is the ultimate balancing act—she’s responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing a 10 year forest management plan!

In this episode, Lacey learns what goes into a plan like that, goes ice fishing with Jenny, and she even tries operating a tree harvester!   

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Silviculture Forester

title card featuring cutout of Andrée with Green Jobs title in green
Andrée Morneault is a Silviculture Forester with Nipissing Forest Resource Management. Silviculture Foresters are responsible for forest regeneration – making sure the trees grow back healthy and strong!

In this video, Lacey learns from Andrée how to find the best pine cones to grow new trees, how to extract their seeds, and she drives a massive skidder through the forest!

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Operations and Roads Supervisor

title card featuring cutout of Michel with Green Jobs title in green
Michel Pronovost is an Operations and Roads Supervisor with Génier Bros. in Cochrane, Ontario. He oversees the cutting, logging, and trucking activities for the company. Michel decides where and how logging roads are built to protect forest values, like animal habitats and bird nests, as well as creeks, rivers, and streams. His job also involves zipping around on snowmobiles and tromping through the woods on snowshoes!

In this episode, Lacey learns how forest roads are constructed, challenges Michel to a ribbon tying contest, and even tries hauling logs to the mill in a huge semi-truck!

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Woodlands Supervisor

title card featuring cutout of Muddy Mark with Green Jobs title in green
“Muddy” Mark is a Woodlands Supervisor in Timmins, Ontario. He works with contractors to ensure they are fulfilling the forest management plan, that they are building roads in the right places, and that areas of concern are being protected. His dog Brisbane goes everywhere with him!

In this episode, Lacey challenges Muddy Mark to a log measurement (and happy face graffiti) contest and visits the “Shania Twain forest” to see where the former award-winning country music star planted trees in her youth.

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