Operations and Roads Supervisor – Green Jobs Video Series

Michel Pronovost is an Operations and Roads Supervisor with Génier Bros. in Cochrane, Ontario. He oversees the cutting, logging, and trucking activities for the company. Michel decides where and how logging roads are built to protect forest values, like animal habitats and bird nests, as well as creeks, rivers, and streams. His job also involves zipping around on snowmobiles and tromping through the woods on snowshoes!

In this episode, Lacey learns how forest roads are constructed, challenges Michel to a ribbon tying contest, and even tries hauling logs to the mill in a huge semi-truck!


0:00 – Episode introduction
0:36 – Chapter 1: Michel’s Journey
2:04 – Chapter 2: Line Running
6:55 – Chapter 3: Forestry Roads
8:56 – Chapter 4: Protecting Values
12:38 – Chapter 5: Log Haul
15:05 – Chapter 6: To the Poplar Mill

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Behind the scenes photos

3 adults in winter parkas standing near cars with trees and snow in background

The film crew getting set for a day of shooting in the snow!

Several men in orange protective clothing look out over operations inside a forestry mill.

Michel (in the blue hard hat) looks looks on while filming takes place inside the forestry mill.

man in orange protective parka stands outdoors in front of video camera, a camera operator, and a female video host

Michel filming a scene on a snow covered logging road.

birds eye view looking down at the town of Cochrane, Ontario.

Bird’s eye view of the town of Cochrane.


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