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September 20, 2022 at 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET

PLT Canada is excited to launch a new series of theme-based activity collections that focus on specific grade levels and topics.

Trillions of Trees was our first release featuring three activities for educators of students in grades 3-5. The series invites learners to investigate the unique characteristics of different tree species and discover how best to plan, plant, and care for trees in their community.

Learning outcomes

Trillions of Trees features three PLT activities for educators of students in grades 3-5. Designed to be flexible, the activities can be used as individual, stand-alone lessons, or all together as a cohesive unit of instruction using a storyline technique.

1. Tree ID
Students learn about the identifying features of trees, including their leaves, bark, twigs, flowers, fruit, and seeds.

2. Trees in Trouble
Students examine trees for signs of damage or poor health and investigate conditions for maintaining trees and other plants.

3. Plant a Tree
Students plan and carry out their own tree-planting project.

Connecting PLT Canada’s Trillions of Trees Activity Collection
to Province and Territory Curriculum Grades 3-5

Project Learning Tree Canada is committed to supporting educators in providing instruction that helps students meet mandatory learning expectations of their province and territory’s curriculum. In the second part of the webinar, we will highlight activities from Trillions of Trees involving exploring the real world through cross-curricular integrated learning, critical thinking and problem solving. They provide students opportunities to practice skills, and make personal connections to the curriculum as they investigate their environment and communicate about it.


Danika Strecko, Sr. Manager, Education

Danika helps lead the overall development of our educational materials and programs.



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