Learn about forests

Engage middle school aged youth in learning about trees, forests, and sustainable forest management with PLT Canada’s ready-to-use, hands-on Learn about Forests activities.

These activities engage youth in learning about sustainable forest management. They are perfect for non-educators, forest sector professionals, and even families, hosting community outreach, career days, or field site visits for youth. Each 50-minute activity offers simple suggestions for leading learners ages 10–16 in themes related to sustainable forest management, stewardship, and green careers, including:

  • What is a Forest?
  • Why do Forests Matter?
  • How Do We Sustain Our Forests?
  • What is Our Responsibility to Our Forests?

These themes and underlying concepts are outlined in PLT Canada’s Forest Literacy Framework, a conceptual framework that aims to increase understanding and empowering actions by all for the benefit of our forests.

These activities are designed for use with youth ages 10–16. When working with teachers, select activities to complement topics or concepts taught in the classroom. When working with other audiences, choose activities based on topics of interest and your own objectives.


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