How Are You Preparing For A Career In the 21st Century?

June 17, 2020

A recent report by the Brookfield Institute announced that 42% of jobs are at a high risk of being impacted by automation. The forest and conservation sector will be no exception; think tree-planting drones as an example. Young people between the ages of 15-24 will bear the brunt as they tend to work in entry-level positions that are more likely to be automated. And while automation will bring about new technological opportunities and efficiency in our daily lives, youth will be most vulnerable as they adapt to a changing workforce with fewer skills under their belt.

As a young person, how prepared do you feel for a career in the 21st century? One action you can take to become more prepared is to become a “career advocate”. A career advocate takes responsibility for their own career path by taking on initiatives that contribute to their long-term career plan. They seek out new opportunities, set time aside for skill development, and stay updated on trends in the field.

One big component of being your own career advocate is also having a strong foundation in essential skills. Essential skills are things like efficient job searching, networking, having a strong resume and cover letter, and knowing how to prepare for and ace interviews.

PLT Canada will be hosting a Four-Part Essential Skills Webinar Series in partnership with Eco-Canada to help young forestry and conservation enthusiasts become career advocates and become more resilient to future changes in the workforce. We want you to be well-equipped with the essential skills you need for a meaningful and lasting career in a sector that is bursting with new opportunities and growth.

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By participating in all four webinars, you will also be eligible for a joint PLT Canada and ECO Canada Essential Skills Certificate.

PLT Essential Skills for job seekers

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