Join the 2022 SFI/PLT Annual Conference – Collaborating for Communities and Forests

June 01, 2022

Annual Conference banner: Collaborating for communities and forests

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Project Learning Tree (PLT) will host their first-ever joint annual conference from June 14-16, in Madison, Wisconsin. With a theme of Collaborating for Communities and Forests, the event will be a week filled with learning and opportunities to discuss the most-pressing issues and challenges facing the people and the planet, including how sustainable forest management and environmental education provide effective solutions.

Conference participants will come away from the event with:

  • Best practices on climate-smart forestry and fire resiliency.
  • Knowledge and tools to meet and report on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets.
  • Key initiatives to be forest sector leaders on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Pathways to grow the next generation of forest sector leaders through PLT.
  • Opportunities to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaborations.

And much more!

Students can access virtual registration to the conference for free! Email events@forests.org with the subject line “Student registration for the SFI/PLT Annual Conference” to receive the code.


Keynote Speaker: Buddy Huffaker

Don’t miss keynote speaker Buddy Huffaker, Executive Director of the Aldo Leopold Foundation. For more than 20 years, Huffaker has been instrumental in leading the Foundation’s efforts to advance a land ethic. These efforts have included stewarding the Leopold Shack and Farm National Historic Landmark and advocating for a conservation ethic. Learn how the Foundation balances ecological, economic, and cultural values in managing its own property—and engaging neighboring landowners—and how it benefits from greater collaboration, innovation, and community connections. This session will leave participants further inspired to address this convergence for positive change—a real-world change that benefits all stakeholders.

Session highlights:

  • Advancing Opportunities for Diverse Communities in the Forest Sector: Transformative solutions are needed to create more inclusive, sustainable communities. Learn about efforts by SFI and its partners to support career awareness, recruitment, mentorship, and other opportunities that help the forest and conservation sector advance a diverse and resilient workforce. You can also check out PLT Canada’s Green Jobs Employer Series to learn more about behavioural design, attracting diverse candidates, making better hiring decisions, and creating an inclusive culture.
  • Growing Forest-Literate Citizens: By gaining forest literacy, people acquire the tools and knowledge they need to keep our forests sustainable over the long term while continuing to benefit from them. This session explores the role of the private and public sectors in supporting a forest-literate society and the available tools to advance that goal. You can also read our Forest Literacy Framework—a free guide that translates the language of forests and sustainable forest management into 100 concepts for grades K–12.



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