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What is a Green Job?

A Green Job can be many different things. Our goal is to encourage youth to explore careers that promote environmental stewardship in Canada’s great outdoors.

Am I eligible for the Green Jobs available?

To be eligible for the Green Jobs offered through this website you must be:

  1. A youth ages 15-30;
  2. A citizen of Canada, a permanent resident of Canada, or have been granted refugee status in Canada;
  3. Be a full-time student with intentions to return to school after the summer; and
  4. Eligible to work based on provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.
What jobs are available?

A full list of available jobs can be found on the Job Board.

Why do I have to be a student?

Funding provided by the Government of Canada’s Summer Work Experience program is to encourage youth to pursue Green Jobs. So, an age limit has been put in place.

How can I apply for a job?

When you are finished your profile and have uploaded/created a resume you will be able to apply for jobs that interest you simply by clicking “Apply”. You will be asked which resume you would like to use.

Do I have to register to apply for jobs?

Yes. You have to register in order to apply for jobs through this site.

What happens after I apply for a job?

The employer will review applications and will contact you directly if they are interested in pursuing your application.

How do I withdraw an application?

Go to your application history page where you will find an option to withdraw your application.

How do I check the status of my job application?

On the Application History page you can find a list of jobs you have applied for and you can cancel active applications.

How can I find out what jobs are available in a specific field, or a specific type?

Use the Advanced Search function to narrow down your search and find jobs that suit your interests. You can also search for other criteria such as language requirements and education level.

How can I indicate that I want to work in a specific city or town?

When registering, you need to indicate on or more regions in which you are willing to work.

How does automatic job matching work?

When you get a job match, you can be confident that the position lines up with what you want to do and where you want to work. The information we gather is matched against information provided employers of their ideal candidate. If you match with a job the employer can also be informed, and they can reach out to you.

Can I still get job matching with a private profile?

Yes. You will still be informed of job matches, and it will be up to you to decide if you wish to apply or contact the employer.

If I only upload a PDF of my resume, will I get job matches?

No. Although you are welcome to use this resume to apply for jobs, the information in your resume cannot be extracted for job matching. If you would like to participate in job matching please be sure to fill out all required fields.

I have job matches, does that mean my resume will automatically be sent?

No. When you have a job match you will still have the opportunity to decide whether you would like to apply for the position.

My resume is not in PDF format. What do I do?

Converting a Word document or other type of document to a PDF is easy. You can find instructions at:

How do I submit a cover letter?

Cover letters are neither required or accepted through our job board. The system has been designed to collect all the information hiring managers need to make a decision.

What is the talent bank?

The talent bank is a bank of job seeker profiles that employers are able to search through to find their ideal candidate.

What’s the difference between a public and private profile?

If you set your profile to public, prospective employers who are registered through this site will be able to view it.

Will my email and contact information be available on the system?

Yes. If you have made your profile public, registered employers will be able to see your contact information.

My specific career role is not listed. Should I still search for a job?

Yes. Often positions that are similar may have varying titles. Be sure to read through job descriptions to best understand the position being offered.

I have other skills that are not listed in the options for Experience/Skills. Where do I include them?

You can describe your additional skills in the overview section of your resume.

Who do I contact to get more information about a job posting?

You can contact an employer’s Human Resources department.

I’ve already applied for a position directly on the company’s website. Should I apply here also?

It is not necessary to apply twice.


We have an existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for candidates. How is this related?

This is another tool that job seekers can use to reach you and apply for open positions. It does not replace your existing ATS. You can directly link to your own system through you job posting on this site.

I see a job seeker in the talent bank that matches my requirements for a job posting. How can I reach them?

You can send a message to them through the website. Click on the job seekers profile and choose “Message”.

How can I keep my open job postings organized?

Check your reports to see a detailed list of your current job postings.

My organization has multiple locations. Which one should I use?

You are able to add multiple locations to your profile. You should add all locations where you may post a job.

I have some candidate matches. What do I do?

You can reach out directly to the job seeker through this website to follow up with them. Messages you send to job seekers will appear in their message inbox.

How detailed does my company information need to be on the profile?

Provide enough information so a job seeker can be informed and make a decision if you are an organization they would like to work with.

Who can see my information when I make my company information public vs. private?

If your profile is public it is viewable to anyone who visits the website. If it is private, only you will be able to see it.

What do I do if my Green Job doesn’t fit in the provided job list?

If your job does not appear on the pre-approved list, please choose other and provide information about the job. It will be reviewed and determined if your Green Job matches the criteria.

What types of jobs can I post?

A full list of pre-approved Green Jobs appears in the Green Jobs guidance document. Jobs should be for youth aged 15-30, and occur before the end of 2019. Youth have to be full-time students with the intention to return to school after finishing their Green Jobs work term.

Where can I find more information about the Green Jobs funding?

Full details on Green Jobs funding is available in the Green Jobs Guidance document. If you have further questions please email

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