"Easy to administer, and terrific for giving students access to paid internships in their field."

"PLT Canada Green Jobs is a win-win. The application and reporting process requires very little administration effort and time, which means more $ can go towards doing our charitable work!"

"Thanks so much for the support! It is safe to say we would not have been able to deliver OYEP work experiences to over 260 Indigenous youth without the support of PLT Canada - thank you!"

– Sally Krigstin, University of Toronto

– Clare Greenberg, Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council

– Sarah Ambroziak, Outland Youth Employment Program

Support Canada's
Forest and Conservation Sector

Jobs must support nature-based solutions for a more sustainable planet. See examples.

New Job Creation

Wage match is only eligible for newly created positions... not employees you already have.

Train the Workforce of Tomorrow

Each new hire must be between the ages of 15–30. Find job candidates with PLT Canada!

When and Where

The work must take place in Canada and last between 2–16 weeks.




Step one

Step two

Step three

Register for an account on the PLT Canada website. Indigenous communities, businesses and nonprofits are also eligible!

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