Shaping the future of our forests, and the wildlife, communities, and livelihoods that depend on them, begins with engaging youth. It is critical that we engage with youth today, so that we can inspire them to become lifelong forest supporters and conservation leaders. Providing them with first-hand employment experiences in green jobs will increase their continued connection to nature.

The Government of Canada’s Green Jobs in Green Spaces Youth Employment Strategy offers a 50% wage-match to support green job placements for youth. Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada), in coordination with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program Participants and partners, aims to fill over 1,000 green jobs in 2018 and 2019 to get Canada’s youth working in the woods.

These jobs will inspire leadership in forest management stewardship, build diversity in partnerships with Indigenous and conservation groups, and foster a passion for science-based research and education.

Through this process, a 50% wage-match will be given to qualified job providers that will offer work experience opportunities to youth in the green jobs sector, mainly in natural settings across Canada. Projects can also, where necessary, offer other activities that help youth gain skills and work experience to prepare them for, and successfully transition them into the labour market.

Kathy Abusow, President and CEO Project Learning Tree Canada


Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada) envisions a world that values and benefits from sustainably managed forests and the natural world. Our mission is to advance environmental literacy, stewardship, and career pathways using trees and forests as windows on the world. Providing youth with experiential learning through meaningful outdoor employment will help us grow leaders who value, benefit from, are knowledgeable about, and can support the protection of Canada’s natural heritage. To date, PLT Canada, in coordination with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Canadian Parks Council (CPC) networks, has filled over 3,000 positions in the great outdoors across Canada. 

PLT Canada is offering funding for a 50% wage-match (including MERCs) up to a maximum of $5,712 per youth for new hires. Funding provided by PLT Canada towards the youth’s wages must be matched equally by the contribution recipient and/or its partner(s). The remaining 50% of the youth’s wages (paid by the employer) cannot be from another federal source. Funding will be provided up to 37.5 hours per week for a maximum of 20 weeks per job. Funding will be provided to the employer after the completion of the Green Job. For your information, T4032 Payroll Deductions Table can be found on the CRA website. 


Position Requirements: 

  • Positions must be 2 to 20 weeks in length 
  • Positions must occur between July 13, 2020 and March 31, 2021 
  • Positions must be within the scope of a Green Job: A Green Job is one that supports nature-based solutions for a more sustainable planet. Green jobs are typically involved in, but not limited to, jobs in the forest and forest products sectors, natural resource management, conservation, environmental education, sustainable food systems, and/or address climate change & carbon sequestration, species maintenance & recovery, and water quality & quantity. See Appendix 1 for a list of pre-approved positions. If you are unsure if your position is eligible, please email pltcanada@forests.org for guidance 

Employee Requirements:

  • Aged 15-30 (inclusive) at time of intake 
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada 
  • Legally entitled to work according to relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations 
  • We encourage all employers to make an effort to support youth that may be facing barriers including Indigenous, new Canadian, and rural youth 

Employer Requirements:

Reporting Requirements:

Within first 15 days of employee’s work:

  • Fill the position on your online account using your employee’s 4 or 5 digit Job Seeker Number 
  • Have your employee complete Part B on page 1 of the: ESDC Participant Consent Form (EMP5605). You, as the employer, must scan and submit this completed form online to PLT Canada for each employee hired within the first 15 days of work. WE CANNOT PROVIDE FUNDING IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR PARTICIPANT CONSENT FORM FOR EACH POSITION WE APPROVE. Note: PLT Canada will follow up with your employee and complete Part C of the form 12 weeks after the completion of their employment period. 

Within 15 days of employee’s completed work placement:

  • Submit the post-work reporting information online which includes: 
    • The first and last paystub for each employee 
    • The hourly wage, number of weeks worked, and hours worked per week for each employee
  • Upload a Direct Deposit Form to your account online 


Initial funding application:

  1. Register and create an account for your organization at: https://pltcanada.org/en/jobs/register/
  2. Allow 24 hours for your organization profile to be verified and approved by PLT Canada.
  3. Log in to your account and click “Create a New Job + Apply for Funding.”
  4. Complete your job information and submit. Allow 24 – 48 hours for your job(s) to be approved for funding. 

Filling your positions and confirming your funding:

  1. Click “Job Postings” on the left side menu to review the status of your funding application(s). Your submitted jobs will be listed under the “Pending” tab. Once your position(s) have been approved, review your contract by clicking “View Contract”. 
  2. Click “Accept Contract” to accept the funding contract – many of the key items in this contract are outlined above including employee eligibility and requirements to receive funding. Please do not mail or email a copy of your contract to PLT Canada. 
  3. Click either “Publish Public” or Publish Private”:
    • Publish Public (Recommended if you have not yet found a youth for your Green Job): This posts your job position to our public-facing job board where youth may apply to your job with their Job Seeker account on the PLT Canada website.
    • Publish Private (Recommended if you have already hired a youth for your Green Job or are using your own job board to post the position): Your employee(s) will need to create a Job Seeker account in order to fill a position. 
  4. There are two ways to fill a position: through the employer account (recommended), or through a Job Seeker’s account. In order for a job to be filled, employees must register as a Job Seeker on our website. See “Steps for Youth” below for more information.
    • Filling through the employer account: Go to the “Open” Tab and click on the “Fill Job” drop down menu. Fill your job with the 4 or 5- digit unique Job Seeker ID number of your employee, or type in their name and select the youth from search results.
    • Filling through the employer account: Go to the “Open” Tab and click on the “Fill Job” drop down menu. Fill your job with the 4 or 5- digit unique Job Seeker ID number of your employee, or type in their name and select the youth from search results.
    • Proceed to Step 9.
      Please provide your employee(s) with the following steps i – viii:
      Steps for youth:

          1. Register and create an account as a Job Seeker at https://pltcanada.org/en/jobs/register/
          2. Complete your profile by filling out the sections in Account Details, Find a Job, and Job Matching. Sections highlighted in red must be completed. You will know if your account is incomplete if your employer can’t fill the position with your Job Seeker ID number or find you in the system when they search for your name.
          3. Upload your resume
          4. Get the job posting’s link from your employer.
          5. Select the resume you are going to apply with.
          6. Confirm that the Job Posting is the position you want to fill and Apply to the position.
          7. Your employer may also ask for your 4-digit ID number. This number is found underneath your name when you log on to your account:
          8. Once you begin working, your employer will provide you with an ESDC Participant Consent Form (EMP5605). Complete Section B and have your employer submit it online through their account. PLT Canada will follow up with you 12 weeks after you finish your position to complete Section C.
  5. Once your employee has applied to your Green Job they will be listed under the “Applicants” tab. You will be able to view resumes and send a message to the applicants
  6. Fill the job by going to the “Fill Job” tab and enter the name or Job Seeker ID number. Select a job seeker and click on Confirm. Your funding is secured ONLY once the following 2 items are complete:
    • Your jobs are listed under the “Filled” tab on the “Job Postings” page on your Employer Account, and; 
    • You have submitted a completed copy of the 
      ESDC Participant Consent Form EMP5605 to PLT Canada for each of your filled positions. Completed forms can be scanned and uploaded under the “Reporting” drop down menu. Please note that you will not have the functionality to upload the ESDC Participant Consent Form EMP5605 until the position is filled.

The “Reporting” dropdown menu will only need to be competed once your employee has finished their work term (see below). 

Delete Posts: By clicking on “Delete this Posting”, it means the position has been deleted and no longer requires funding. If you accidentally delete the position, please email pltcanada@forests.org to re-open it. 

After the job has ended:

  1. Log on to your employer account and click on “Job Postings” on the left side menu. Head to your “Filled” tab and click on the “Reporting” drop down menu. 
  2. Confirm the hourly wage, number of hours per week, and total weeks worked for each of your employees.
  3. You will also need to upload the first and last pay stub of each employee. Pay stubs must include a breakdown of vacation pay and MERCS. If you accessed CEWs or any other COVID-related funding to support the position you will be prompted to enter a dollar amount or percentage.
  4. The values you provide in step 2 will be multiplied together to produce an eligible cost total. An invoice will be generated online for PLT Canada to reimburse you. PLT Canada will reimburse you with 50% of your total eligible costs (up to a maximum of $5,712 per employee). Please note that the amount generated on your invoice may not equal your actual total amount paid to your employee. As a result, your reimbursed amount may be different as we provide 50% of actual paid amount (up to $5,712). 


Recognizing PLT Canada for supporting your youth:

We recognize that green jobs are not always at the forefront of youth career aspirations – and we need your help to change that! We believe this is in part due to lack of awareness of the opportunities available in the great outdoors. In order to demonstrate to a younger audience that green jobs are rewarding, meaningful, and exciting, we encourage you and your employees to share youth employment experiences on social media by sharing the hashtag: #MyGreenJob.

We encourage you to share the following Social Media Toolkit with your employees. 


If you are accepted as an employer, you will be entering into a contract with PLT Canada. This contract will include reporting requirements as well as obtaining consent from participants to collect, use and disclose their participation. 

PLT Canada wishes to make every effort to streamline the application process. Please refer to Appendix 1 for a list of approved Green Jobs to see the types of jobs that will be approved. Application approvals are at the discretion of PLT Canada and SFI Inc. 

You will be notified of the status of your funding application. If you are approved, a contract outlining terms and conditions (aligned with eligibility and requirements outlined below) will be drafted by PLT Canada and provided to successful applicants. 


Confirmation of employee paid wages will be required at the completion of the employment in order to receive the full funding amount. Confirmation will include supplying PLT Canada with the first and last paystub of each employee whose position was funded. PLT Canada may request additional documentation to support wage claims made by the employer. 

Costs may include:

  • Up to 50% of income support to participants (wages) based on the prevailing provincial/ territorial minimum wage rate per occupation and mandatory employment related costs (MERCs) for participants; 
  • Additional support to cover all or part of the incremental costs for individuals to participate, such as dependent care or transportation; and, 
  • Other support to cover the cost of items associated with the youth’s participation, including disability supports (this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis). 
  • Equipment fund to support purchase of equipment for the youth related to the position because of certain financial barriers that the youth may be facing 

A rationale for these additional expenses, including a description of the supports needed and the reasoning behind them must be documented and submitted to PLT Canada. 


If an employer provides employment that is less than the minimum duration approved (e.g. two weeks are approved, but the employer provides only one), the job will be deemed ineligible and costs will not be reimbursed. However, if the employee chooses to end the employment after the minimum duration approved, the costs related to the number of weeks worked would be eligible for reimbursement. 

Normally, the weeks of employment will be consecutive, but exceptions will be treated on a case-by-case basis. For example, the employment period may allow for circumstances when the employee is unable to work (e.g. due to weather or other acceptable circumstances), or when the employee has requested time off. However, only the number of hours and weeks worked within the contract will be reimbursed. 

All employees are eligible to work part-time. 

Most importantly, the employer must offer an inclusive work environment where the employee’s safety can be assured. 


Green Jobs listed below have been pre-approved by Economic and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for PLT Canada to administer. However, your job being offered may still be eligible. 

Please email pltcanada@forests.org with your job description for confirmation of eligibility. 

Pre-Approved Green Jobs:

Silviculture, Forest Conservation and Research

  • Forester
  • Forest fire researcher
  • Forest fuels worker
  • Forest health technician
  • Forest insects technician
  • Forestry planner
  • Forestry researcher
  • Forest reclamation technologist
  • Silviculture technician/supervisor
  • Tree care specialist
  • Urban forester

Forest Products Operations

  • Mill worker
  • Paper technologist
  • Engineer
  • Millwright
  • Mechanic
  • Scaler
  • Sustainability coordinator
  • Communications
  • Technological innovation

Indigenous Forest Based Programs

  • Archaeologist/heritage specialist
  • Indigenous knowledge coordinator
  • Special sites coordinator
  • Traditional plant use technician

Soil Conservation and Research

  • Agrology technologist
  • Environmental monitoring technician
  • Soils surveyor

Jobs within Provincial / Territorial Parks

  • Trail and campground maintenance
  • Community engagement
  • Indigenous relations
  • Field work
  • Parks operations
  • Invasive species management
  • Interpretation
  • Data entry and statistics
  • Administrative support
  • Resource management
  • Visitor services
  • Natural heritage education
  • Reforestation
  • Park accessibility auditor

Recreation and Interpretation

  • Community engagement specialist
  • Forests interpreter
  • Knowledge exchange specialist
  • GIS technician
  • Outdoors educator/facilitator
  • Park interpreter
  • Parks guide
  • Recreation technician/specialist (e.g., facilities development & maintenance)
  • Stewardship youth ranger
  • Trails developers (e.g., biking/hiking/skiing trails)
  • Visual landscape technician

Water Conservation and Research

  • Aquatic environmental technician
  • Fisheries biologist/technician
  • Hydrologists
  • Watershed management technician

Climate Change

  • Climate change researcher
  • Citizen scientist
  • Carbon modeler
  • Climate change educator

Ecosystem and Wildlife Management

  • Biodiversity specialist
  • Conservation biologist
  • Invasive species management
  • Land reclamation technician
  • Native plant specialist
  • Nursery/orchard technician
  • Remediation technician
  • Wildlife biologist/technician